Pregnancy VIP Package


Pregnancy VIP Package

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The Pregnancy VIP package has HUGE savings! Not only will you get a lifetime of premium but also we’re including the Pamper Box, with specialty products worth over $65.

Our Pregnancy VIP package gives you the guidance you need for a healthy pregnancy, and the pampering you deserve. The package includes lifetime access to Baby2Body Premium with 14 months worth of content for pregnancy and beyond including exercise videos, meditation podcasts, delicious recipes and much more. You will also receive our curated Pamper Box, designed for pregnancy and packed with products you’ll love.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Enter the email address you want your unique Promo code sent to in the field above
  2. Proceed with checkout to purchase the premium package
  3. Download the app and sign up
  4. On the app, go to Account > Premium > Add Promo Code
  5. Input the unique code we sent you and enjoy your lifetime premium access!